Folk Music & Other Stuff - Folk Music Notebook - May 26, 2024

Limeliters - Power and Glory / Until We Get It Right

Reggie Harris - On Solid Ground/ On Solid Ground
Greg Greenway - That's Where the Hope Comes From/ Between Hello & Goodbye
Tom Chapin - Walk the World Now, Children/ At the Turning Point
David Roth - My Voice Matters/ Last Day on This Earth

Joel Mabus -- Touch a Name on the Wall/ Retold
David Ferrard - Wildflowers/ Journeyman
Charlie King - Trying To Find a Way Home/ So Far So Good
David Rowe - Four Green Fields/ Big Shoes

Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold/ Songbird
Tom Prasada-Rao - Falling Star/ Hear You Laughing
Lui Collins - Swimming to the Other Side/ Leaving Ft. Knox
Magpie - Gentle Warrior/ Endless River

Aztec Two-Step - Rabbit in the Moon/ Cause & Effect
Dave Gunning - These Hands/ No More Pennies
Evalyn Parry - Bottle This/ Small Theatres
Bob Gibson - That's the Way It's Gonna Be

Guy Davis - Palestine oh Palestine/ Be Ready When I Call You
Sloan Wainwright - Thinking Outside of the Box/ Bright Side of a Rainy Day
Hudson River Sloop Singers - River That Flows Both Ways/ Broad Old River
Frankie Laine - Riders in the Sky/ Riders in the Sky

All She Wrote - Polly Von/ Triple Play
Cheryl Wheeler - Kenny's Song/ Greetings from Cheryl Wheelers
Susan Werner - Herbicides/ Hayseed
Eric Schwartz - Hattie and Mattie/ That's How It's Gonna Be

Crys Matthews - Prodigal Son/ Changemakers
Jamie Anderson - Wedding Song/ Bad Hair Day
Pat Humphries - Face the Music / Same Rain
Cast Recording - Patriotic Finale/ When Pigs Fly

Brother Sun - When I'm Gone/ Weights and Wings