Folk Music & Other Stuff - Folk Music Notebook - April 23, 2023

Limelters - Power & Glory / Until We Get It Right
Greg Greenway Another Day/ Between Hello and Goodbye
Thea Hopkins - Ghost of Emmett Till / Hope Rises II
Ellie Grace - Up/ Hope Rises II
Tom Chapin - Someone's Gonna Use It/ This Pretty Planet

Robin and Linda Williams - Things I've Learned/ Radio Songs
Joe Jencks - I'm a Stranger in This Land/ The Forgotten
Tom Prasada-Rao - 20 Dollar Bill/ mp3
Greg Greenway - That's Where Hope Comes From/ Between Hello and Goodbye

Phil Ochs - Ballad of Oxford Mississippi/ Jim Glover's tapes
Phil Ochs - Cops of the World/ In Concert
Phil Ochs - Ballad of William Worthy/ All the News That's Fit To Sing
Jim and Jean - Crucifixion/ Changes/People World

Daniel Boling - Leadbelly Woody and Pete/ Live at the Kitchen Sink
John Wort Hannam - Infantryman / Two Bit Suit
Eric Schwartz - Hattie and Mattie/ That's How It's Gonna Be
Chris and Meredith Thompson - Wood and Stone/ Wood and Stone

Ellen Bukstel- By My Silence/ Legacy of Love
Guy Davis - Palestine oh Palestine/ Be Ready When I Call You
Small Potatoes - Waltz of the Wallflowers/ Waltz of the Wallflowers
Deidre McCalla - Shoulder to the Wheel/ Endless Graceao

Janis Ian - Jesse/ The Essential Janis Ian
Crys Matthews - For the Women With Steel in Their Bones/ Changemakers
Tom Prasada-Rao - See Myself In You/ Out of the Blue
Dave Rowe - A Much Better View of the Moon/ All of the Dreams

Mad Agnes - Perfect Planet/ Hush
Tom Chapin - Brown Gold/ This Pretty Planet
Nancy Tucker - It Really Isn't Garbage/ Escape of the Slinkys
Kiim & Reggie Harris and Magpie/ Living Planet/ Spoken In Love

Brother Sun - When I'm Gone/ Weights and Wings