Folk Music & Other Stuff - Folk Music Notebook - Oct 24, 2021

Limeliters- Power & Glory/ Until We Get It Right

Joe and Eddie - That's the Way It's Gonna Be/ Live in Hollywood
Rod MacDonald - Springtime In America/ Songs of Freedom
Four Bitchin' Babes - The History of Cheese/ Mid Life Vices
All-She-Wrote - Polly Von/ Triple Play

Dave Gunning & David Francey - There's a Game Goin' On/ No More Pennies
Paul Kaplan - Welcome Home/ We Shall Stay Here
Chuck Brodsky - Doc Ellis' No No/ The Baseball Ballads
Christine Lavin - Ballad of a Ballgame/ Sometimes Mother Really Does
Know Best

Charlie Murphy - Burning Times / Catch the Fire
Faith Petric - Rock Me To Sleep/ Faith's Favorites
Evalyn Parry - Bottle This/ Small Theatres
Josh White Jr. - Streets of London/ Delicate Balance

John Flynn - Blink/ Two Wolves
Malvina Reynolds - Turn Around/ Malvina
Richard Berman - The Kids Are Back/ Love, Work, Play
Harvey Andrews - Leaving Home/ The Journey

Robert Jones and Matt Watroba - Could You Love Me/ Common Chords
Zoe Mulford - The President Sang Amazing Grace/ Small Brown BIrds
Matt Jones - When I Was Young/ Long Walk To Freedom
Theodore Bikel - Sunrise Sunset/ In My Own Lifetime

Pat Wictor - Whiskey Vacation / Sunset Waltz
Pat Humphries - Jamie/ Same Rain
Penny Lang - Firewater/ Ain't Life Sweet
Peggy Seeger - Miss Heroin / Everything Changes

Fred Small - Everything Possible/ Everything Possible
The Burns Sisters - Kilkelly/ Looking Back
Reggie Harris - High Over the Hudson/ On Solid Ground
Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves/ Songbird

Phil Ochs - When I'm Gone/ In Concert