Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - Oct 2, 2020

Limeliters - Power & Glory/ Until We Get It Right

Appalachian Road Show - Don't Want To Die In the Storm/ Tribulation
Tim Grimm - Gone/ single
Kirk Mann - Say Their Names/ Say Their Names
Philip Scott Poli - Where Do the Hit Songs Go? One Sky

Andy & Judy - They Locked the Grange Hall Door/ This Road
Bob Sima - Longer Table/ Good Words Good Thoughts
Aaron Nathan & Michael G. Ronstadt - Haunted House/ Shadow & Cyclone
Chris Smither - Confirmation/ More from the Levee

Ellis Paul - The Battle of Charlottesville/ The Storyteller's Suitcase
Two of a Kind - We're All In This Together/ Even When No One's Watching
Tom Chapin & John Forster - Chief Executive Chain Gang/ Broadsides
Penny Lang - Working Class/ Yes

Pat Wictor - Knock on the Door/ This Is Absolutely Real
Pat Humphries - I'll Be There/ Hands
Roy Zimmerman - The Big Republican Tent/ single
Harvey Andrews - Resigning from Today/ Someday Fantasy

Crys Matthews - American History XIX/ Battle Hymn for an Army of Lovers
John Flynn - An American Cage/ mp3
Chuck Brodsky - Liar Liar Pants on Fire/ Tulips for Lunch
Tom Paxton - What Did You Learn in School Today/ Best of Broadside

Spook Handy - Vote/ Breakfast By Myself
Rod MacDonald - I'd Love to Be Wrong/ Beginning Again
Christine Lavin -  The Liar Tweets Tonight/ Best of Christine Lavin
Reggie Harris - Another Age/ Ready To Go

Saro Lynch-Thomason & Sam Gleaves - Conductor/ I Have Known Women
Sandy Cash - Free Food Bar/ Voices from the Other Side
Carla Ulbrich - Stand Up and Act/ Stand Up and Act
Phil Ochs - Toast To Those Who Are Gone/ Toast To Those Who Are Gone

Jack Landron - Like Pavorotti/ Curbside Cotillion
Paul Stookey - Impeachable/  Summerfallwinterspring

Phil Ochs - When I'm Gone/ In Concert