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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - November 29, 2019

Limeliters - Power and Glory/ Until We Get It Right

Judy Collins & Jonas Fjeld - Northwest Passage/ Winter Stories
Christopher Brown - Heads or Tails/ The Brown Album
Heather Pierson - Where Will You Go/ Lines and Spaces
Windborne - Darlin' Corey / Recollection & Revolutions

Katy Hobgood Ray - Little Children's Blues/ I Dream of Water
Diana Jones - Ballad of the Poor/ Better Times Will Come
Martyn Joseph - Lou Marsh/ Days of Decision
Martyn Joseph - I'm Gonna Say It Now Days of Decision

Reggie Harris - Ready To Go/ Ready To Go
Tom Prasada-Rao - Falling Star/ Hear You Laughing
Colleen Kattau - Boys on the Radio/ Inhabited Woman
Greg Greenway - Standing on the Side of Love/ Standing on the Side of Love

David Roth - My Voice Matters / Last Day on This Earth
John Flynn - There's No Them There/ Two Wolves
Artisan - Don't Slay That Potato/ Rocking at the End of TIme
Eva Cassidy - Over the Rainbow/ Songbird

Bruce Davies - The Hug Song/ Hand Picked
Bethany & Peter & Rufus - Don't Laugh At Me
John Forster - Ballad of Robert Moses/ Helium
Betty & the Baby Boomers - Grandfather's Clock/ Tumblin' Through the
Stream of Time

Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant/ Alice's Restaurant
Lou & Peter Berryman - Uncle Dave's Grace/ In Concert

Phil Ochs - When I'm Gone/ In Concert