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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - May 3, 2018

Pete Seeger - The Power and the Glory/ God Bless the Grass

Della Mae - Sixteen Tons/ The Butcher Shop EP
The Levins - Brighter Day/ Caravan of Dawn
The Princes of Serendip - There's Nothing Like a Book/ Yumpatiddly Bee
Spook Handy - Pete Seeger's Life/ Dedicated to the Proposition

Pete Seeger - Turn Turn Turn / Greatest Hits
Pete Seeger - Talking Union / Greatest Hits
Pete Seeger - Which Side Are You On/ Greatest Hits
Pete Seeger - Guantanamera / Live in 65

Jackson Browne & Bonnie Raitt - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/ Where Have All
the Flowers Gone
Pat Humphries - Old Devil Time/ Seeds: Songs of Pete Seeger
Tom Paxton - Get Up and Go/ Where Have All the Flowers Gone
Chris and Meredith Thompson - Clearwater/ Clearwater Live
Pete talks about Clearwater - At 89
Hudson River Sloop Singers - Broad Old River/ Broad Old River

Almanac Singers - Greenland Fisheries/ Their Complete General Recordings
The Weavers - Wimoweh/ Together Again
The Weavers - Good Night Irene/ Together Again
The Weavers - So Long It's Been Good To Know You/ Best of The Weavers
The Weavers - Si Mi Quieres Escribir / Travellin' On with The Weavers

Pete Seeger - Story of Tzena Tzena Tzena - At 89
Pete Seeger - Tzena Tzena Tzena - At 89
Pete Seeger - Garbage/ Banks of Marble and Other Songs
Pete Seeger - Somos El Barco / Appleseed's 21 Anniversary
Pete Seeger - Waist Deep in the Big Muddy/ Best of Broadside

Pete Seeger - The Willing Conscript / Best of Broadside
Pete Seeger - I Have a Rabbit / God Bless the Grass
Pete Seeger and Tao Rodriguez - Draft Dodger Rag/ Clearwater Live
Kim and Reggie Harris - High Over the Hudson/ mp3

Pete Seeger - Abiyoyo / Alive in 65
Pat Humphries and Josh White Jr. - If I Had a Hammer/ Clearwater Live

Brother Sun - When I'm Gone / Weights and Wings