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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - March 9, 2018

Pete Seeger - Power & Glory/ God Bless the Grass

Diane Patterson - If There Are Words / Open Road
Rob Mchale - Mother Earth/ Prophets on the Boulevard
Joan Baez- The Great Correction/ Whistle Down the Wind

Faith Petric - Grandma's Battle Cry/ Faith's Favorites
Faith Petric - Rock Me To Sleep / Faith's Favorites
Faith Petric - The Idaho Spud/ When Did We Have Sauerkraut

Amy Carol Webb - I Come From Women/ These Are My Own
Amy Carol Webb - Letter To Eve/ Rhythm  Rhyme Reason
Amy Carol Webb - Stand/ mp3

Peggy Seeger - Use It Again/ Crazy Quilt
Peggy Seeger - Miss Heroin/ Everything Changes
Peggy Seeger - Gonna Be An Engineer/ Best of Broadside

Penny Lang - Frankie & Johnny/ Penny Lang & Friends Live
Penny Lang - Ain't Life Sweet / Ain't Life Sweet
Penny Lang - Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream/ Live at The Yellow Door

Nancy Tucker - Frank Stein/ Escape of the Slinkies
Nancy Tucker - This Lady / Songs for Immature Adults
Nancy Tucker - I Am Poodle/ Songs for Immature Adults

Phil Ochs - I'm Going To Say It Now/ In Concert
Martyn Joseph - Here Come the Young/ mp3
Joe Jencks - Why Are the Guns Still Firing/ The Forgotten
Peter Paul & Mary - Times They Are A-Changin'/ Very Best of Peter Paul  & Mary

Pat Humphries - I'll Be There/ Hands
Pat Humphries - Hands/ What's That I Hear
Pat Humphries - Swimming to the Other Side/ Same Rain

Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes/ Best of Broadside
Malvina Reynolds - We Don't Need the Men/ Held Over
Malvina Reynolds - What Have They Done to the Rain/ Best of Broadside

Christine Lavin - Oh, No/ Please Don't Make Me Too Happy
Christine Lavin - Please Don't Hand Me Your Baby/ Spaghettification
Christine Lavin - Don't Take Anyone / Spaghettification

Janis Ian - Society's Child/ Best of Broadside
Janis Ian - Boots Like Emmy Lou's / God and the FBI
Janis Ian - At Seventeen/ Singers & Songwriters 1974

Holly Near - I Ain't Afraid/ And Still We Sing
Holly Near - It Could Have Been Me/ And Still We Sing
Holly Near - We're Still Here/ Peace Becomes You

Brother Sun - When I'm Gone/ Weights and Wings