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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - Nov. 17, 2017


Many new songs from cds received at NERFA last week.

Hudson Valley Sally - Power & Glory/ Diamonds and Pearls

Hudson Valley Sally - The FM Band/ Diamonds and Pearls
Carolann Solobello - Matches / 33rd Mid Atlantic Song Contest
Zoe Lewis - Plastic Soup/ The Sound of Wings
Beth Bradly & Rob Carlson - The Roseville Fair/ Beth Bradly & Rob Carlson

Dan Whitener - Ballad of Jim Bowie/ Crossover
Mike & Aleksi Glick - Katrina Blues/ Generations  2 for the Blues
Lois Morton - Oh How I Love a Garage Sale/ Doorway In TIme
The Malvinas - God Bless the Grass/ God Bless the Grass

Sloan Wainwright - Ain't No Grave/ Uncovering
Toby Tobias Ensemble - Madiba/ Africa You Belong To Me
Pat Lamana - Poop into Power/ Something Beautiful
Heather Mae - Stand Up/ 33rd Mid Atlantic Song Contest

Noel Paul Stookey - I Will Stand/ Summer Fall Winter Spring
Ali Handel - Thank God for Birth Control/ That's What She Said
Antonio Andrade - Bended Elbow Bended Knee/ Something Happened
Matt Borello - Impulse & Obsession/ A Dollar and a Kiss

Margaret Roadknight - Amazing Grace/ Women 'n Blues
Bob Franke - Thanksgiving Eve/ The Other Evening in Chicago
Lou & Peter Berryman - Uncle Dave's Grace/ In Concert
George Winston - Thanksgiving/ December

Pat Wictor - Shake These Blues/ Living Ever Lovin' LIVE
Magpie - Follow the Money / Of Changes & Dreams
Art Thieme - The Great Turtle Drive/ Outright Boldfaced Lies
Mrs. Ackroyd Band - Will the Turtle Be Unbroken/ Tubular Dogs

Brother Sun - When I'm Gone / Weights and WIngs