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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - Nov. 3, 2017

Limeliters - Power & Glory/ Until We Get It Right

Marc Black - American Children/ Sometime a Spark
Penny Nichols - Song For Adam/ Colors of the Sun
Rob Carlson - Enough of This Song/ Parodies Lost
Schooner Fare - We the People/ We the People

Penny Lang - November Blues/ Yes
Ellis - Moab in November/ The Guest House
Debra Cowan - A Cold Day In November/ Among Friends
Matt Harlan & Rachel Jones - Warm November/ In the Dark

Spook Handy - Vote/ Breakfast By Myself
Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie - We Belong to the Earth/ Spoken in Love
Zoe Lewis - Snow White/ Small Is Tremendous
Ellen Bukstel - Tikkun Olam/ Daddy's Little Girl

Roy Zimmerman - My Voice My Vote, My Right/ The Faucet's On Fire
Grit Laskin - The End of a Pointed Gun/ Unabashedly Folk
Brother Sun - Lady of the Harbor/ Some Part of the Truth
Holly Near - I Ain't Afraid/ And Still We Sing

Emma's Revolution  - Vote/ Roots Rock and Revolution
Tanglefoot - Buxton / Full Throated Abandon
Tom Lehrer - In Old Mexico/ Songs and More Songs by Tom Lehrer
Ernest Troost - Storm Comin' / O Love

Greg Greenway - One Man One Woman One Vote/ Singing for the Landlord
Susan Werner - Kicking the Beehive/ Kicking the Beehive
Les Barker -  Spot of the Antarctic/ A Cardi and a Bloke
Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World/ What a Wonderful World

Brother Sun - When I'm Gone / Weights and Wings