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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - Feb 10, 2017

An all Canadian extended show playlist!

Limeliters - Power & Glory / Until We Get It RIght   (theme song)

Bodh'aktan - Maids of the Sea/ Against Winds & Tides
James Gordon - Another Big Box Store/ These Times
Carol Teal & David Joyce - Why Can't We Empty the Nest?/ Didn't We Waltz
Ian & Sylvia - Nancy Whiskey/ Greatest Hits

Maria Dunn - Trouble maker/ Protest Songs for a Better World
Laura Smith - No Call for Mercy/ B'tween the Earth & My Soul
Arrogant Worms - Go to Sleep Little Leech/ Beige
Anne Murray - Hi Lili Hi Lo/ There's a Hippo in My Tub

John Wort Hannam - Fisherman's Son/ Pocket Full of Holes
Connie Kaldor - What Do They Know/ Connie Kaldor
Nancy White - Clapping Song for Grownups/ Gaelic Envy
Gordon Lightfoot - Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald/ Summertime Dreams

Penny Lang - Firewater/ Ain't Life Sweet
David Francey - Paper Boy/ Far End of Summer
Evans & Dougherty - The Silly Slang Song/ The World Is What You Make It
Harry Manx - Sitting on Top of the World/ West Eats Meet

Dave Gunning - A Game Going On/ No More Pennies
Gathering Sparks - Right Here/ Gathering Sparks
Grit Laskin - Soft & Round / A Few Simple Words
Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop = Un Canadien Errant/ Red Shoes

Suzie Vinnick - Shelter Me/ Live at Bluesville
Irish Mythen - Let Them In/ Open Here
BobbyWatt, Holmes Hooke, Oliver Schroer - The End/ Caught by the Tale
Enoch Kent - I Didn't Raise My Son To Be a Soldier/ FAI Presents

Heather Bishop - The Galaxy/Lighten Up/ Daydream Me Home
David Newland - That's the Miracle/ Give It a Whirl
Garnet Rogers - Whaht's Wrong With This Picture/ Summer Light
Stan Rogers - Mary Ellen Carter/ Between the Breaks...Live

Aengus Finnan - Lightfoot/ Once Upon a Time
Bonnie Ste Croix - You've Already Got What You Need/ Canadian Girl
David Myles - Need a Break / So Far
Bruce Cockburn - Ribbons of Darkness/ Rumours of Glory Box Set

James Keeleghan - My Skies/ History - the First 25 Years
Zach Stevenson = Changes - While I'm Here
Evalyn Parry - Bottle This/ Small Theatres
Tanglefoot - Roll On Jamaica/Agnes on the Cowcatcher/ Agnes on the Cowcatcher

Durham County Poets - Hearts That Go Bad/ Where the River Flows
April Verch - Long Way Home/ The April Verch Anthology
Crabtree & Mills - The Price of Freedom/ Freedom
Ken Whiteley - That's When I Need a Song/ One World Dance

Linda McRae - Charlie Parr/ Shadow Trails
Alex Robertson - Don't Whine Song/ His Stories
Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown/ Singer Songwriter Classics

Brother Sun - When I'm Gone/ Weights and Wings