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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - Dec 30, 2016

Pete Seeger - Power & Glory/ God Bless the Grass

Amy Kucharik - Prodigal Son/ Cunning Folk
Rich Eilbert - Forgiveness / Building Seven Bridges
Travis Knapp - Grasshoppers and Ants/ All the Stars You Hold
Kicking Down Doors - Don't Give Up/ The Record

Colleen Kattau - If You Can't Shout, Sing/ So Much Going On
Ellen Bukstel - By My Silence/ Daddy's Little Girl
Charlie King - Thank You, Anita/ Vaguely Reminiscent of the 60's
Betty & the Baby Boomers - Grandfather's Clock / Tumbling Through the Stream of Days

Joe & Eddie - That's the Way It's Gonna Be / Live in Hollywood
Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop - Un Canadien Errant/ Red Shoes
Christine Lavin - Wind Chimes / Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best
Harry Chapin - Cat's in the Cradle / Greatest Stories Live

James Taylor - Fire & Rain/ Amchitka
James Taylor - Sweet Baby James/ Amchitka
Mavis Staples - Eyes on the Prize/ We'll Never Turn Back
Mavis Staples - This Little Light of Mine/ We'll Never Turn Back
The Eagles - Desperado / Their Greatest Hits
The Eagles - Hotel California / Hotel California

Happy Traum - Things Are Coming My Way/ Just for the Love of it
Holly Near / Feeling Better/ Holly Near
David Roth - The Three Questions / Another Side of David Roth
Eric Andersen - Thirsty Boots/ Best of Eric Andersen

Fairport Convention - Fotheringay/ Fairport Convention
Garnet Rogers - Frankie and Johnny/ All That Is
Phil Ochs - I'm Gonna Say It Now/ Philly Festival 1968
Jack Williams - That Lucky Old Sun/ Don't Let Go

Birds of Chicago - Barley/ Real Midnight
John Flynn - There's No Them There/ Two Wolves
Billy Jonas - Some Houses / ?
Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence/ Sounds of Silence

Bob Malone - Sometimes I Wish I Were Me/ Like It or Not
Greg Greenway - Standing on the Side of Love/ Standing on the Side of Love
Cheryl Wheeler - On the Plane/ Defying Gravity
Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie - We Belong to the Earth/ Spoken In Love

Brother Sun - When I'm Gone / Some Part of the Truth