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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - Nov 4, 2016


Limeliters - Power & Glory / Until We Get It Right

Intro by Steve Goodman at a performance in Chicago
Steve Goodman - Dyin' Cubs Fan's Last Request/ Mp3

Emma's Revolution - Vote/ Roots Rock & Revolution
Charlie King - Buy This American Car/ So Far So Good
Tish Hinojosa - Something In the Rain/ Culture Swing
Kathy Mattea - Coal Tattoo/ Coal

Greg Greenway - One Man, One Woman, One Vote/ Singing for the Landlord
Anne Feeney - National Health Care Now/ Union Maid
Tom Lehrer - Pollution/ That Was the Year That Was
Bev Grant - We Were There/ We Were There

Spook Handy - Vote/ Breakfast By Myself
John Flynn - Democracy (the Weed)/ The End of the Beginning
Cheryl Wheeler -If It Were Up To Me/ Sylvia Hotel
Peter Paul  & Mary - Power/ Songs of Conscious and Concern

Telephone interview with Sonia (of disappear fear)

Roy Zimmerman - My Vote, My Voice, My Right/ The Faucet's on FIre
John McCutcheon - There Is Power In a Union/ Joe Hill's Last Will
Cathy FInk & Marcy Marxer - I Belong to a Family/ Dancin' in the Kitchen
Tom Chapin - Locally Grown / Give Peas a Chance

Ellen Bukstel - They Lost My Vote/ Daddy's Little Girl
Malvina Reynolds - World in Their Pocket / Held Over
Christine Lavin / Don't Take Anyone/ Mp3
Peter Yarrow - Don't Laugh At Me/ Never Give Up

Brother Sun- Lady of the Harbor/ Some Part of the Truth
David Roth - I Do Not Need a Bag/ Nights at the Chez
Holly Near - I Ain't Afraid / And Still We Sing
Kim and Reggie Harris - Rainbow Race/ Simplicity

Brother Sun - When I'm Gone / Some Part of the Truth