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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - April 29, 2016

Pete Seeger - Power & Glory/ God Bless the Grass

Arlo Guthrie - Ring Around a Rosy Rag/ Alice's Restaurant
Len Chandler - Father's Grave/ Best of Broadside
Anne Feeney  - The Sick Note/ Union Maid
Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer/ Bridge Over Troubled Water

Willie Sordillo - Feeding the Flame/ Feeding the Flame
Cosy Sheridan - Woody Guthrie Watch Over Me/ Sometimes I Feel Too Much
The Foremen - Peace Is Out/ Best of the Foremen
Greenbriar Boys - Stewball/ Troubadours of Folk Era

Priscilla Herdman - Waltzing with Bears/ Stardreamer
Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans - Fightin' / Brad Vickers
Christine Lavin - It's Your Funeral/ Hillary Rollins Presents Christine Lavin & Friends
Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings - I'm Movin' On/ Out Among the Stars

Penny Lang - Ain't LIfe Sweet/ Ain't Life Sweet
Eve Goldberg - Names/ Ever Brightening Day
Roy Zimmerman - The Big Republican Tent / Singles
Rooftop Singers - Walk Right In/ Troubadours of Folk Era

A tribute to my all-time favorite singer (since I was in 6th grade!)

Frankie Laine - Jezebel / Greatest Hits
Frankie Laine - Riders in the Sky/ Riders in the Sky
Frankie Laine - Cry of the Wild Goose/ Frankie Laine Collection
Frankie Laine - That Lucky Old Sun/ Greatest Hits

Dan Schatz - The Promise of the Sowing/ The Promise of the Sowing
Rod MacDonald - For the People/ After the War
Phil Teumin - Colonoscopy/ All Over the Map
Eric Bogle - No Man's Land / Before Their Time

Sharon Katz & Peace Train - Pata Pata/ Double Talk
Wes Weddell - Too Many/ Nobody's Flag
The Rattlers - The Gun Lobby Song/ Comradship
Peter Paul & Mary - No Easy Walk to Freedom/ No Easy Walk to Freedom

Sammy Walker - Ballad of Ira Hayes/ In Concert
Carla Eskelsen - Orphan Train / Long Gone
The Short Sisters - Blizzard of Lies /  Love from Four States
Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come/ The Harder They Come

Rebecca Folsom - Burn It Down/ Extraordinary Days
Peter & Bethany Yarrow - Don't Laugh at Me
Evalyn Parry - Bottle This!/ Small Theatres
Aztec Two-Step - Rabbit in the Moon/ Cause & Effect

Battlefield Band - I Am the Common Man/ Anthem for the Common Man
Boxcar Lilies - Put the Top Down/ Knockout Rose
Cheryl Wheeler - Where's All the Money/ Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler Live
Harry Tuft & Friends - The Water Is Wide/ Treasures Untold

Elise Witt - Break the Silence/ We're All Born Singing
Richie Havens - Freedom / Resume
Brother Sun- When I"m Gone/ Weights & Wings