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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - Oct. 23, 2015

America's Children - Power & Glory/ America's Children
Gathering Time - Red Apples & Gold/ Red Apples & Gold
James Keelaghan - Gathering Storm/ History - the First 25 Years
John Flynn - Bury Me with My Guitar / Poor Man's Diamonds
Cris Williamson - Power/ Out of the Darkness
Pat Wictor - That's the Way It's Gonna Be/ Sunset Waltz
Rod MacDonald - Joe Public / Later That Night
Nancy Tucker - Born to Be Mild/ Songs for Immature Adults
Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves/ Songbird

In studio interview with Bob Warren on the occasion of his new cd release - All the Days of the World
A Boy, a Glove, a Ball and Bat / from the cd
For No One to See - live
All the Days of the World/ All the Days of the World
Writer's Block / live

Herdman Hills and Mangsen - Voices of WInter/ Red & Green / Voices of WInter
Hudson Valley Sally - Letter to Eve/ Sally Live!
The Rattlers - Gun Lobby Song/ Comradeship
All She Wrote- Polly Von / Triple Play
Irish Mythen - P Is Not for Paddy/ Sweet Necessity
Happy Traum - Jay Gould's Daughter/ Just for the Love of It
Les Barker - Reinstalling Windows/ Arovertherapy
Sweet Honey in the Rock - Ella's Song/ Freedom Is a Constant Struggle
The Mollys - Finnegan's Wake/ Tidings of Comfort and Joy
Neal & Leandra - Rich / Stranger to My Kin
Jack Landron - Benediction/ Curbside Cotillion
Linda Hirschhorn - Circle Chant/ Roots & WIngs