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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - Oct. 16, 2015

Limeliters - Power & Glory/ Until We Get It Right
Ash & Bloom - Manna for my Soul/ Let the Storms Come
Linda Allen - October Roses/ October Roses
Roy Zimmerman - The Faucet's on Fire/ The Faucet's on Fire
Mavis Staples - Eyes on the Prize/ We'll Never Turn Back
Brother Sun - What Must Be Done/ Brother Sun
Twangtown Paramours - Chains/ The Promise of Friday Night
Patty Larkin - Me/ Live in the Square
Penny Lang - Palet on the Floor/ Live at the Yellow Door
Betty & the Baby Boomers - Living on the River/ Where the Heron Waits
Colleen Kattau - Boys on the Radio/ Inhabited Woman
Nancy Tucker - Frank Stein/ Escape of the Slinkys
Magpie - Same Boat Now/ In the World
Dave Gunning - A Game Going On / No More Pennies
Christine Lavin - Ballad of a Ballgame/ Sometimes Mother Really Knows Best
Chuck Brodsky - 2000 Friends/ Tell Tale Heart
Tom Rush - Circle Game/ Troubadours of Folk
Susie Burke & David Surette - April on the Flying Bow/ Waiting for the Sun
Jez Lowe - Austerity Alphabet - The Ballad Beyond
Limeliters - Zen Gospel Singing / Until We Get It Right
Eileen Laverty - Imagine/ From This Moment
Susan Werner - Help Somebody / The Gospel Truth
Susan Werner - Doctor, Doctor / Kicking the Beehive
Leslie Fish - Earth's Fire-Breathing Daughter/ Avalon Is Rising
Jane Lewis - Spirits in the Graveyard / Jane Lewis
Annie & the Hedonists = You Don't Have to Move That Mountain/ Side of the Road
Ellen Bukstel - Hey, Mr. Politician / Daddy's Little Girl
Tom Lehrer - So Long, Mom/ That Was the Year That Was
Chad Mitchell Trio - Dona Dona Dona/ Chad Mitchell Trio Collection
Owen & the Hedonists - Red Rose/ Owen & the Hedonists