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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - Sept 11, 2015

Limeliters - Power & Glory / Until We Get It Right
Cassie & Maggie MacDonald - Everything but the Kitchen Sink/ Fresh Heirs
Charlie King - Buy This American Car/ So Far So Good
Cosy Sheridan - Welome to Boston/ Pretty Bird
Harry Tuft - The Water Is Wide/ Treasures Untold

pet section
Faith Petric - I Wanna Be a Dog/ When Did We Have Sauerkraut
Jamie Anderson - When Cats Take Over the World/ Three Bridges
Mike Laureanno - The Dog You Left at Home / Road Signs
Cheryl Wheeler - My Cat's Birthday/ Pointing at the Sun

Tribute to 9/11
David Francey - Grim Cathedral/ Skating Rink
Emma's Revolution - Peace Salaam Shalom/ 1x 1,000,000 = Change
Victor Jara - El Derecho de Vivir En Paz/ El Derecho de Vivir En Paz
George Winston - Variations on the Kanon/ December

Betty & the Baby Boomers - Living on the River/ Where the Heron Waits
Shawna Caspi - No So Silent / Apartments for Lovers
Cynthia Carle - Pioneer/ Hillary Rollins Presents Christine Lavin & Friends
Ian & Sylvia - Four Strong Winds/ Greatest Hits

poetry section
Horowitz & Malkine - Annabel Lee/ Poor, On Tour & Over 54
Les Barker - ancient mariner.com/ Arovertherapy
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen - The Highwayman

Jim & Jean - Flower Lady/ Changes
Jeanne Mackey - I Have the Right / Drop the Knife
Billy Jonas -  Eyes Wide Open/ Happy Accidents
Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves/ Songbird
Brother Sun - Lady of the Harbor / Some Part of the Truth
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer - I Belong to a Family/ Dancin' in the Kitchen
Pat Donohue - Exercise Blues/ Nobody's Fault
Sloan Wainwright - Ring of Fire/ Rediscovery
Boxcar Lilies - Lightnin' / Sugar Shack
Anne Hills & David Roth - May the Light of Love/ Rhubarb Trees
Linda Hirschhorn - Circle Chant/ Roots and Wings