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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - July 17, 2015

Magpie - Power & Glory/ What's That I Hear
Poor Angus - Shores of the Bay/ Gathering
Inge Andersen - The Angel & the Devil/ Fallen Angel
Nancy White - & I Copied It/ Stickers on Fruit
Stan Rogers - Mary Ellen Carter / Between the Breaks Live
Mr. Sun - The Likes of You/ The People Need Light
Stray Birds - Dream In Blue/ The Stray Birds
Peter Alsop - It's Only a Wee Wee/ Uniforms
David Mallett - The Garden Song/ Parallel Lives
Irish Mythen - Father's Song/ Sweet Necessity
Cassie & Maggie MacDonald - Sisters/ Sterling Road
My Father's Son - Jim Photoglo/ Halls of My Heart
Dan Fogelberg - Leader of the Band/ The Innocent Age
David Amram - Dreams of New Orleans/ Southern Stories
Dave Gunning - Coal from the Train / No More Pennies
Hudson Valley Sally - Billy in Air / Hudson Valley Sally
Steve Goodman - City of New Orleans/ City of New Orleans
Amy Carol Webb & the Bukstels - Daddy's Little Girl/ Born To Sing
Joe Heukerott - Mother/ Save a Little Time
C. Daniel Boling - When I Was 10 /Welcome Home
John Flynn - The Prodigal Father/ America's Waiting
Sharon Katz & the Peace Train - Jikela Maweni/ Crystal Journey
Kim & Reggie Harris - Solar Carol/ Simplicity
Oscar Brand - Something To SIng About/ American Dreamer
Cosy Sheridan - Land of 10,000 Mothers/ Cosy Sheridan -Solo Songbook
Nancy Tucker - Steam Roller/ Treasures from the Attic
Heather Bishop - The Galaxy/Lighten Up/ Daydream Me Home
Linda Hirschhorn - Circle Chant/ Roots and Wings