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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - April 17, 2015

Limeliters - Power & Glory/ Until We Get It Right
Doug Mishkin - Woody's Children/ Woody's Children 45th Anniv Concert
Lui Collins - Things To Do / Leaving Fort Knox
Gary Kanter - Grow On, Monsanto / Forever Vigilant
Ian & Sylvia - Four Strong Winds/ Greatest Hits
Wishing Chair - Dishpan Brigade/ Dishpan Brigade
Deborah Van Kleef - The Great Fast Food Strike/ Work In Progress
Rebel Voices - Hospital Workers/ Warning Women at Work
Joe Jencks - Rise As One/ Rise As One

In studio interview with Elaine Romanelli
   25 / The Hour Before
   Real / The Hour Before
   Red Tail / The Hour Before
   Year of Death / The Hour Before
We used songs from her cd because she couldn't carry her keyboard up the long flight of stairs
to the studio.

John Flynn - Hope Sleeps/ Dragon
Tim Grimm - Anne In Amsterdam/ The Turning Point
HansTheessink & Terry Evans - Cross Road Blues/ True & Blue
Fred Small - Willie's Song/ Heart of the Appaloosa
Les Barker - Inconsonants/ Arovertherapy
Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World/ What a Wonderful World
Linda McRae - Be Your Own Light/ Fifty Shades of Red
Lina Hirschhorn - Circle Chant/ Roots & Wings