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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - March 27, 2015

disappear fear - Power & Glory / Get Your Phil
Trip McCool - The Choir from Hell/ The Traveler
Priscilla Herdman - Kindergarter Wall/ Daydreamer
Paul Kaplan - Money / EP
Tom Paxton - Can't Help But Wonder Where I"m Bound/ Best of
Bev Grant - Ball of the Triangle Shirt Factory We Were There
Magpie - Chemical Workers Song/ Working My Life Away
Nancy White - Sewing Machines/ Sort of Political
Maria Dunn - Immigrant's Dream/ Piece By Piece
Runa - The Newry Highwayman / Stretched On Your Grave
Tom Pacheco - There Was a Time/ Best of Tom Pacheco Vol. 1
Roy Zimmerman - Psychedelic Relic/ Homeland
Peter Paul & Mary - Day Is Done/ Very Best of
Penny Lang - Streets of Heaven Been Sold/ Live at the Yellow Door
Tom Lehrer- Folk Song Army/ That Was the Year That Was
Don Lange - Take the Children & Run/ Out of the Darkness
Cris Williamson - Power / Out of the Darkness
Vance Gilbert - Taking It All To Tennessee/ Clearwater Live
Susan Werner- Help Somebody/ The Gospel Truth
David Roth - The Three Questions/ Another Side of David Roth
The Pentangle - In Your Mind/ Sweet Child
Rick Fielding - This One's the Dreamer/ This One's the Dreamer
David Buskin - Watery Grave/ Click
Kristoph Klover - Queen Isabella/ To Touch the Stars
Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth/ Singers & Songwriters
Spuyten Duyvil - O Babe It Ain't No Lie/ The Social Music Hour
Rod Mac Donald - For the People/ After the War