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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - Feb 6, 2015

Extra long show - covered an hour of the next show.
Theme:  Songs with names in the title

disappear fear/ Power & Glory/ Get Your Phil
Cloudstreet - King Willy/ Clouds on the Road
Laura Berkson - Marie/ Laura Berkson
Roy Zimmerman - Limbaugh/ Real American
Kingston Trio - Tom Dooley/ Troubadours of Folk Era
Poor Angus - William MacGillivray/ Gathering
Pat Humphries - Jamie/ Same Rain
Cheryl Williams - Intro & Kenny's Song/ Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler
Dave Rowe - Danny Boy/ Big Shoes
Jez Lowe - Jesse Owens' Shoes/ The Ballad Beyond
Nancy White - Hymn to Oscar Romera/ Sort of Political
Chuck Brodsky - Dock Ellis' No No/ The Baseball Ballads
Jim Croce - Bad Bad Leroy Brown / Singers & Songwriters
Charlie King - Sing Mandela Free / Ship in the Sky
Chuck Suchy - Story of Hazel Miner/ Dakota Breezes
John Flynn - Minnie Lou/ Dragon
John Denver - Annie's Song/ Singers & Songwriters
Wishing Chair - Dishpan Brigade/ Dishpan Brigade  (Mother Jones)
Joe Crookston - John Jones/ Able Baker Charlie & Dog
Les Barker - Arnold / Arovertherapy
Louis Armstrong - Mack the Knife / What a Wonderful World
Sammy Walker - Ballad of Ira Hayes / In Concert
Steve Goodman - Ballad of Penny Evans / City of New Orleans
Phil Ochs - Ballad of William Worthy/ All the News That's Fit To Sing
Penny Lang - Frankie & Johnny / Penny Lang & Friends Live
Darryl Purpose - Ghost of Crazy Horse/ Next Time Around
Malvina Reynolds - Rosie Jane/ Held Over
Horowitz & Malkine - Gregor Samsa's Blues / Poor, On Tour & Over 54
John McCutcheon - Pretty Boy Floyd/ This Land;   Woody Guthrie's America
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen - Song for Gamble/ The Light of the Day
Tom Paxton - The Mayor of MacDougal Street/ Redemption Road (Dave Van Ronk)
Tim Grimm - King of the Folksingers / The Turning Point (Rambling Jack Elliot)
Christine Lavin - Cary Grant, Esther Williams, etc. / If You're Drunk, You Cannot Buy a Puppy
Craig Bickhardt - Donald & June / Craig Bickhardt
Anne Hills - Cindy's Cryin' / The Things I Notice Now
Holly Near - Harriet Tubman / And Still We Sing

Changed pace to be a lead-in for the next show:

Chuck Berry - Maybellene / Only Rock n Roll  1955-59
The Coasters - Charlie Brown/ There's a Riot Goin' On
Bobby Day - Rockin' Robin / Only Rock n Roll
Dion - Ruby Baby / There's a Riot Goin' On
Buddy Holly & the Crickets - Peggy Sue/ Only Rock n Roll