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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - Jan 2, 2015

Pete Seeger - Power & Glory / God Bless the Grass
Bodh'aktan - Maids of the Sea/ Against Winds & Tides
Christopher Brown - Guenivere of Camelot / Characterist
Susan Werner - Herbicides / Hayseed
Peter Paul & Mary - Times They Are A-Changin' / Very Best of Peter Paul & Mary
Colleen Kattau - Boys on the Radio/ Inhabited Woman
Aengus Finnan - One Hand on the Radio/ North Wind
Tanglefoot - Radioman/ Agnes on the Cowcatcher
Terri Hendrix - Judgment Day/ The Art of Removing Wallpaper
Roy Zimmerman - Psychedelic Relic/ Homeland
Tom Lehrer - When You Are Old and Grey / Songs and More Songs by TL
Tom Pacheco - Woodstock Generation/ Boomtown
Magpie - Follow the Money / Of Changes and Things
Chuck Brodsky  - The Come Heres & the Been Heres / Two Set
Rob Carlson - Bathroom on the Right / Parodies Lost
Dave Van Ronk - Wanderin' / Just Dave Van Ronk
Sharon Katz - Jikela Maweni / Crystal Journey
John Flynn - Kintsugi / Poor Man's Diamonds
Mike Agranoff - The Princess and the Frog/ Straight Lines
Josh White Jr. - One Meatball / Live at The Raven
Brother Sun - Love Is the Water/ Brother Sun
Kim & Reggie Harris - High Over the Hudson / single
Billy Jonas - Holy Man/ New
The Animals - House of the Rising Sun/ English In Groups
Jack Landron - Laugh a Little Every Day/ Curbside Cotillion
Tom Paxton - Johnny Got a Gun/ Wearing the Time
Cheryl Wheeler - Your God/ mp3
Tom Chapin & the Chapin Sisters/ Walk the World Now, Children/ Woody's Children 45th Anniv Concert
Cloudstreet - Ballad of the Shape of Things/ Clouds on the Road
Ellen Bukstel - Tikkun Olam / Daddy's Little Girl
LInda Hirschhorn - Circle Chant/ Roots and Branches