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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - October 8, 2014


Special tribute to Borealis Records!!!!

America's Children - Power & Glory / America's Children   (theme song)
The Bills - Pandora's In Flames/ Yes Please
Nathan Rogers - Better Than Me/ The Gauntlet
Poor Angus - Barrett's Privateers / Gathering
John Wort Hannam - Pier 21/ Pocket Full of Holes
Le Vent du Nord - Le diable et le fermier/ Tromper Le Temps
Grit Laskin - Soft and Round / A Few Simple Words
James Gordon - Coyote's Calling / Coyote's Calling
Enoch Kent - The Farm Auction / I'm a Working Chap
Laura Smith - What Goes Around / Everything Is Moving
Evalyn Parry - Bottle This/ Small Theatres
Linda McRae - Be Your Own Light / Fifty Shades of Red
James Hill & Anne Davison - New York Strum / True Love Don't Weep
Karine Polwart / Tears for Lot's Wife /Traces
Mike Stevens & Matt Andersen - Snow Plow / Psh Record: The Banff Sessions
Tanglefoot - Roll on Jamaica / Agnes on the Cow Catcher
Paul Mills - Albert's Cove/ The Other Side of the Glass
Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop - No More Fish / Red Shoes
Ken Whiteley - That's When I Need a Song/ One World Dance
Penny Lang - Senses of Your Leave/ Gathering Honey
Annabelle Chvostek - G20 Song/ Rise
Angus Finnan - When the Whistle Blows/ Once Upon a Time
Stan Rogers - Mary Ellen Carter/ Between the Breaks .. Live
James Keelaghan - Fires of Calais - History-The First 25 Years
Eve Goldberg - Crossing the Water/ Crossing the Water
Rick Fielding - When We Gather Once More/ This One's the Dreamer