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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - October 7, 2014


Phil Ochs - Power & Glory / private tape
Flower & McLaren - The Ringer/ Angel of Change
Four Shillings Short - The Galway Shawl / The Secret of the Water
Lee Murdock - John Kanaka / What About the Water
Haines & Leighton - Orange Blossom Special / Hand to Hand
Garnet Rogers - Frankie and Johnny/ All That Is
Pat Donohue - Would You Like to Play the Guitar/ Nobody's Fault
Mavis Staples - This Little Light of Mine/ We'll Never Turn Back
Hardin Burns - Down the Deep Well/ Down the Deep Well
Gibson & Camp - Well Well Well / At the Gate of Horn ..Revisited
Sarah Underhill - Hole in the Ground/ Singing Clear
Brother Sun - Well Well Well/ Brother Sun
Martyn Joseph - Dic Penderyn / Evolved
Noel Paul Stookey - One and Many/ One andMany
Dave Van Ronk - Garden State Stomp/ Going Back to Brooklyn
Mamas and Papas - California Dreaming/ Troubadours
Claudia Schmidt - Make It Across the Road / Bend in the River
Oly Mountain Boys - It Rained for 40 Days/ White Horse
Patty Larkin - I'm White / Live in the Square
Chris & Meredith Thompson - Wood & Stone/ Wood & Stone
Magpie- Same Boat Now/ In This World
Grant Peeples - Things Have Changes / Prior Convictions
Nancy Tucker - It Really Isn't Garbage / Escape of the Slinkys
Phil Henry - Hard Times Come Again No More/ Aberdeen
Maria Dunn- Farewell / Piece By Piece
Geoff Bartley - Everything' 4 Sale/ Mercy for the Dispossessed
Gary Kanter - Here Comes the Oil Train/ Forever Vigilant
Kim & Reggie Harris - What's That I Hear / Let My People Go
Ellen Bukstel - Perfect World / Daddy's Little Girl