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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - July 25, 2014


Dan Zahn - Power & Glory / Iowa Rose
The Cupcakes - Two Steps Forward/ Trouble & Joy
Peggy Seeger - We Watch You Slip Away/ Everything Changes
Jane Fallon - Talk To Me / Tangled in a Tree
Eileen Laverty - Someday Soon / From This Moment

Live in studio interview with Bob Warren and Joy MacKenzie
Days of Decision
Every Step
A Boy A Glove A Ball and a Bat
It Will Come To You (from CD) You Taught Me Something New Today
One Day

Performers who will be at Falcon Ridge next weekend

Magpie - Water/ Circle of Life
Brother Sun - In the Name of Love/ Some Part of the Truth
Cheryl Wheeler - Potato / Sylvia Hotel
Tom Paxton - Rambling Boy / Best of Tom Paxton
The Duhks - Death Came A-Knockin' / The Duhks
Kim & Reggie Harris - High Over the Hudson / single
Dar Williams - The Christians & the Pagans/ Mortal City
Spuyten Duyvil - Honey on My Grave / Temptation
Annie & the Hedonists - You Don't Have To Move That Mountain / Side of the Road
Christine Lavin - Cold Pizza for Breakfast / The Bellevue Years
John Gorka - Procrastination Blues Bright Side of Down

Closing Song - Paul Mills - Times We'll All Remember/ The Other Sides of the Glass