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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - July 2, 2014


America's Children - Power & Glory/ America's Children
Eric Andersen - My Land Is a Good Land / Best of
Pat Humphries - Cold Cup of Water / Hands
Gilles Maline - Miss Liberty / ?
Peter Paul & Mary - There But For Fortune/ Such Is Love
John Malcolm Penn - Thunderstorm/ Driftin' River
Night Sun - Going Down the Road Feeling Bad/ Drive
Tim Grimm - Blame It on the Dog/ The Turning Point
Fairport Convention - Fotheringay/ Fairport Convention
Magpie - You Should Have Been Down In Mississippi / Freedom Is a Constant Struggle
Phil Ochs - Ballad of Oxford, Mississippi / private tape
Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam / Best of Broadside
Phil Ochs - Here's to the State of Mississippi/ I Ain't Marching Anymore
David Roth - Rosa and the 3 K's / Think Twice
Wishing Chair - Crow/ Crow
John McCutcheon - Kid Who Hates Summer/ Four Seasons: Summersongs
Joel Mabus - Little Mister Diddy / No Worries Now
Kingston Trio - Where Have All the Flowers Gone/ Songs of Protest
John McCutcheon & Si Kahn - The Senator / Signs of the Times
Rebel Voices - I'm a Friend of the Fetus / A Little Look Around
Judy Small - The IPD/ One Voice in the Crowd
Wool & Grant - Vahkegula Vakhegula / Wool & Grant
Tom Intondi - Blind Man/Black Swan / Bringin' Up the Sun
 Nancy Tucker - Frank Stein / Escape of the Slinkys
Tumbling Bones - Just Because / Loving a Fool
Terri Hendrix - I Found the Lions / The Ring
John Flynn - Kintsugi / Poor Man's Diamonds
Susan Werner - Herbicides / Hayseed
Martha Redbone Roots Project - On Another's Sorrow/ Garden of Love- Songs of WilliamBlake
Rod MacDonald - White Flour / Later That Night