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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - May 16, 2014


This was a theme show - the theme being rivers!!!

Dan Zahn - Power & Glory / Iowa Rose

Hudson River Sloop SIngers - Broad Old RIver/ Broad Old River

Night Sun - Petawawa River / Drive

Pete Seeger - Waist Deep in the Big Muddy/ Best of Broadside

Eva Cassidy - Wade in the Water/ Songbird

King Biscuit Boy - Going to the River/ Stony Plain Records 25 years

Eric Andersen - Blue River/ Blue River

James Keelaghan - Red River Rising / History - the First 25 Years

Leandra Peak - Moon RIver/ The Honeysuckle Vine

Still on the Hill - What's Done Is Done / Once a River

Woody Guthrie - Grand Coulee Dam/ My Dusty Road

Betty & Baby Boomers - Down by the River/ Where the Heron Waits

Kim & Reggie Harris - Deep River-Swing Low/ Steal Away

Sharon Katz & Peace Train - Bwatue / Lerato

John Stewart - The Day the River Sang/ The Day the River Sang

Billy Jonas - Into the Water/ Get Real

Michael P. Smith - Spoon River/ Love Letter on a Fish

Terrence Martin - Rivers Still Rising / Last Black & White TV

Faith Petric - Rivers of Texas/ Faith's Favorites

Rick Fielding - Deep Fork / This One's the Dreamer

Magpie = Sailing Up My Dirty Stream / Of Changes and Dreams

Matt & Marshall Jones - In the Mississippi River/ Long Walk to Freedom

Joel Raphael - Rivers & Rain / Thirteen Stories High

Si Kahn - Down on the River/ Bristol Bay

Hudson River Sloop SIngers - River That Flows Both Ways/ Broad Old River

Lydia Adams Davis - Lake Erie / Take Me Back

Joe Jencks - Fox River Song / What Kind of Brother

Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin - Southern Flood Blues/Common Ground

John Flynn - Big Boat Comin' / Dragon