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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff WIOX - March 7, 2014

Women's History Month show!!!!

Disappear Fear - Power & Glory / Get Your Phil
Holly Near - The Meek Are Getting Ready/ Early Warnings
Rachel Bissex - In the Magazines/ I Used To Be Nice
Nancy Tucker - Daughters of Feminists/ Treasures from the Attic
Judy Collins - It Isn't Nice/ Freedom Is a Constant Struggle
Pat Humphries- We Were There/ Hands
Ronny Cox - Ain't I a Woman / Ronny Rad and Karen
Megon McDonough, Christine Lavin - Gas Station Women/ What's That I Hear
Janis Ian - At Seventeen/ Singers & Songwriters
Cathy Winter - Prairie Woman/ Breath on my Fire
Maria Dunn - Immigrant Dreams / Piece By Piece
Peggy Seeger - I'm Gonna Be An Engineer/ Best of Broadside
Eve Goldberg - Rosie the Riveteer / Crossing the Water
Nancy White - Sewing Machines / Sort of Political
Linq - Seneca Falls to Selma/ Disconnect
Claudia Nygaard - J.C./ Let the Storm Roll In
Malvina Reynolds - We Don't Need the Men/ Held Over
Amy Carol Webb - I Come from Women/ These Are My Own
Magpie - Rachel - Songs for the Earth
Faith Petric - Amelia Earhart / Faith's Favorites
Evalyn Parry - Amelia Bloomers Sings for Fashion/ Spin
Kim & Reggie Harris - Harriet Tubman-Steal Away/ Steal Away \
Patty Larkin - Metal Drums / Live in the Square
John Flynn - Hope Sleeps / Dragon
Tim Grimm= Anne of Amsterdam/ The Turning Point
Peggy Lee - I'm a Woman/ There's a Riot Goin' On
Rebel Voices - Msogeny/ Warning Women at Work
Bev Grant - Ballad of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory/ We Were There
Mary Elizabeth Masrantonio - Aldonza/ Man of La Mancha