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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff-
Roxbury NY- January 17, 2014 

America's Children - Power & Glory/ America's Children
Still on the Hill - The Cuckoo/ Still
Matt Andersen & Mike Stevens - Snow Plow/ The Banff Sessions
Tom Lehrer - The Irish Ballad / Songs & More Songs By Tom Lehrer
Tom Chapin - The Water Is Wide/ Let the Bad Times Roll
Kim & Reggie Harris - Too Many Martyrs/ Long Walk To Freedom Reunion
Terri Allard - Never Ceases To Amaze Me/ Terri Allard
Katy Moffatt - Here's to the State of Mississippi/ What's That I Hear
Peter Paul & Mary - Blowing in the Wind/ Very Best of PP&M
Poor Angus - Shores of the Bay/ Gathering
Heather Bishop - The Galaxy Lighten Up/ Daydream Me Home
Nancy White - Stickers On Fruit/ Stickers On Fruit
Ken Whiteley - Woke Up This Morning / Listening
Tanglefoot - Radioman/ Agnes on the Cow Catcher
Mike Agranoff - Ballad of the Sandman/ The Modern Folk Musician
David Crosby - Radio/ Croz
Mavis Staples - In the Mississippi River/ We'll Never Turn Back
Kim & Reggie Harris - If You Miss Me from the Back of the Bus/ Long Walk To Freedom
Matt Jones - When I Was Young/ Long Walk to Freedom Reunion
Dion - Abraham, Martin & John/ Songs of Protest
Teal & Joyce - Same Damn Door/ Has It All Been Said
Paxton Hills & Gibson - While You Sleep/ Best of Friends
Ian Tamblyn - Dog Tail Wagging/ Walking the Bones
Broadside Singers - Carry It On/ Best of Broadside 1962-88
Odetta - This Little Light of Mine / Freedom Is a Constant Struggle
The Simon Sisters - Winken Blinken & Nod/ Troubadours of Folk Era
Paul Mills/ Times We'll All Remember/ The Other Side of the Glass