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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff-
Roxbury NY- December 27, 2013 

Disappear Fear - Power & Glory / Get Your Phil
LImeliters - A Place in the Choir / Until We Get It Right
James Keelaghan - Hold Your Ground/ Then Again
Les Barker - Have You Got Any News of the Iceberg/
                          Up the Creek Without a Poodle
Don McLean - Vincent/ Troubadours of the Folk Era
Bodh'aktan - Sore Feet Set/ Against Winds & Tides
Cosy Sheridan - The Little Train / Solo Songbook
Charlie Murphy - No More/ Catch the Fire
Charlie Murphy  - Burning Times/ Catch the Fire
Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now/ Troubadours of the Folk Era
Joel Mabus - Touch a Name on the Wall/ Retold
Christopher Brown - Guenivere of Camelot/ Characterist
Cheryl Wheeler - Intro ,  Little Kids/ Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler
Dave Van Ronk - Green Green Rocky Road/ Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack
Brother Sun / Love is the Water/ Brother Sun
Evalyn Parry - Bottle This/ Small Theatres
Ellis  - Coffee Song/ Right on Time
Country Joe - The Fish Cheer/ Songs of Protest
John Flynn - Trust the Rope / Two Wolves
Eliza Gilkyson - 2153 / Roses at the End of Time
Bobby Watt, Holmes Hooke, Oliver Schroer/ Cremation of Sam McGee
                       Caught by the Tale
Judy Collins - Ghost Riders in the Sky/ Paradise
Kim & Reggie Harris (with Magpie) Rainbow Race/ Simplicity
Karine Polewart - Tears for Lot's Wife/ Traces
Gathering Time - There But For Fortune/ When One Door Closes
Tim Hardin - Reason to Believe / Troubadours of Folk Era
Louis Armstrong - Black and Blue/ What a Wonderful World
Fred Small - Everything Possible/ No Limit