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Playlist - Mostly Folk (fill in)-
Roxbury NY- October 14, 2013 

Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert - Power & Glory/ This Train Still Runs
Herdman Hills & Mangsen - Frozen Logger & Proper Cup of Coffee/ Voices of Winter
Tom Corbett - Welcome To Tom's Place/ Tonight I Ride
Patty Larkin - Me / Live in the Square
Josh White Jr. - One Meat Ball / Live at the Raven
Tony Bird - Zambeze Zimbabwe / Sorry Africa
Wishing Chair - Goody Hallett / Crow
Chapin & Forster - When Bad Things Happen To Good Mice/ Broadsides
Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water/ Bridge Over Troubled Water
Heather Bishop - The Galaxy-Lighten Up/ Daydream Me Home
Tanglefoot - Radioman / Agnes on the Cow Catcher
Sally Rogers & Claudia Schmidt - I Had An Old Coat / While We Live
Tom Paxton - Where I"m Bound / Best of Tom Paxton
Read "The Zax" by Dr. Seuss as a commentary on what's happening in Washington. (So appropriate!!!)
Joe Jencks  - St. Christopher / What Kind of Brother
John Flynn - Big Boat Comin' / Dragon
Mike Agranoff - The Modern Folk Musician / The Modern Folk Musician
Vance Gilbert - Taking It All To Tennessee / Clearwater Live
James Keelaghan - Lazarus / History - The First 25 Years
Joel Rafael - Rich Man's War / Thirteen Stories High
Steel Wheels - The Race / No More Rain
Greg Greenway - My Good Name / Weightless
Ronstadt Generation - The Mill Was Made of Marble / Prelude
Tom Prasada-Rao - Sleeping Beauty / Hear You Laughing
Still on the Hill - The Cuckoo / Still
New Lost City Ramblers - I'll Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms/ Troubadours of Folk Era