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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff-
Roxbury NY- September 6, 2013   

This was my Animal Show!!!!

America's Children - Power & Glory/ American's Children (theme song)

Nancy Tucker - The Animal Song/ Treasures from the Attic

Jack Hardy - Kitty in the Shoebox/ Bandolier

Cheryl Wheeler - White Cat/ Pointing at the Sun

Jamie Anderson - When Cats Take Over the World/ Three Bridges

Faith Petric - I Wanna Be a Dog/ When Did We Have Sauerkraut

Bobtown - Black Dog/ Bobtown

Jan Mankita - From a Dog's Stance/ Dogs Are Watching Us

Elvis Presley - Hound Dog/ Elvis 30 #1 Hits

Charlie King & Karen Brandow - If Baboons Can Work It Out/ On the Journey

Camille West - That Reindeer Can Play Guitar/ Diva's Day Off

Buffy Ste Marie - Now That the Buffalo Is Gone/ It's My Way

Fred Small - Larry the Polar Bear / Heart of the Apaloosa

Susan Werner - Kicking the Beehive/ Kicking the Beehive

The Steel Wheels - Spider Wings/ Lay Down Lay Low

Don Penz - Black Fly/ Lunenburg Songwriting Contest

Eric Andersen - Bumblebee/ Best of Eric Andersen

Tanglefoot - The Baldoon Goose/ Full Throated Abandon

Better Halves - There In't a Cow In Texas/ Tete a Tete

David Amram - Alfred the Hog/ Southern Stories

Pete Seeger - I Have a Rabbit / God Bless the Grass

James Gordon - Coyote's Calling/ Coyote's Calling

Terri Hendrix - Nightwolves/ The Ring

David Francey - Pretty Jackals / Sing Out V 54 #4

Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop - No More Fish/ Red Shoes

Cadence Carroll - The Last Leviathan/ Evolve

John Flynn - The Crow/ The End of the Beginning

Still on the Hill - The Cuckoo/ Still

Mrs. Ackroyd's Band - Will the Turtle Be Unbroken/ Tubular Dogs