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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff-
Roxbury NY- September 3, 2013

Most Folk and Mostly Labor Related Songs

Anita Bryant - Power & Glory/ Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory

John Wort Hannam - Blue Collar / Dynamite & Dozers

Eve Goldberg - Let Me Rise / A Kinder Season

Bev Grant - Bread and Roses/ We Were There

Dave Gunning - Coal from the Train / No More Pennies

Molasses Creek -  I'm a Fisherman / An Island Out of Time

Holly Near - I Got Trouble / & Still We Sing

Tanglefoot - Hard Work / Dance Like Flames

George Mann - The Union Made Me Strong/ Patience In These Times

Four Bitchin' Babes - The History of Cheese/ Mid Life Vices

Cheryl Wheeler - Estate Sale/ Circles & Arrows

Kathy Mattea - Dark as a Dungeon / Coal

Phil Ochs - Automation Song/ All the News That's Fit To Sing

Disappear Fear - Washington Work Song/ Disappear Fear

Emma's Revolution - Stand Together/ RPM

Gibson & Camp - John Henry, The Thinking Man/ At the Gate of Horn Revisited

The Tarriers - Banana Boat Song / Troubadours of the Folk Era

Grant Peebles - Road to Damascus / Prior Convictions

Faith Petric - The Little Red Hen / Faith's Favorites

Joel Mabus - Holding to the Land / Retold

Magpie - Field Hand Worker / Working My Life Away

Aengus Finnan - Swing Boys Swing / Once Upon a Time

John McCutcheon - Two Foot Seam / Storied Ground

Rod MacDonald - The Last American Worker / pvt. tape

John Stewart - Diamonds in the Coal / Wires from the Bunker

Maria Dunn - Troublemaker/ Protest Songs for a Better World

Joe Jencks - Rise As One/ Rise As One

Hazel Dickens - Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again/ Maris' Legacy Project