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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff-WIOX- June 6, 2013

Magpie - Power & Glory/ What's That I Hear
Bobby McFerrin - Wade/ Spirityouall
Fred Small - Willie's Song/ Heart of the Appaloosa
Holly Near - I Ain't Afraid / & Still We Sing
Richie Havens - Here Comes the Sun / Resume
David Bromberg - Sharon / The Best of David Bromberg
Mavis Staples - Eyes on the Prize/ We'll Never Turn Back
Pete Seeger - Waist Deep in the Big Muddy / Best of Broadside '62-'88
David Amram - For Our Family Farmers / Southern Stories
Judy Collins - Ghost Riders in the Sky / Paradise
Josh White Jr. - Close Your Eyes/ Cortelia Clark
Buffy Ste Marie - Circle Game/ Fire & Fleet & Candle
Kim & Reggie Harris - Too Many Martyrs / Long Walk To Freedom Reunion
Jim & Jean - Crucifixion - People World
Matt Jones - When I Was Young / Long Walk To Freedom Reunion Concert
Brother Sun - In the Name of Love/ Some Part of the Truth
John Flynn - The End of the Beginning / The End of the Beginning
Tret Fure - A Piece of the Sky / A Piece of the Sky
Art Thieme - The Split Dog/ Outright Bold Faced Lies
The Animals - House of the Rising Sun / English In Groups
Grit Laskin - Margins of My Neighborhood / A Few Simple Words
Roy Zimmerman - Limbaugh / Real American
Tom Paxton - Ramblin' Boy / Best of Tom Paxton
Emma's Revolution - Stand Together / RPM