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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff -WIOX - Feb 6, 2013

Magpie / Power & Glory/ What's That I Hear
James Taylor/ Fire and Rain/ Singers & Songwriters
Dave Gunning/ Coal From the Train/ No More Pennies
Faith Petric/ I Wanna Be a Dog/ When Did We Have Sauerkraut
Wishing Chair/ 99/ The Ghost of Will Harbut
Vance Gilbert/ Taking It All To Tennessee/ Clearwater Live
Ronstadt Generation/ The Mill of Oracle/ Prelude
Moxy Fruvous/ Michigan Militia/ Clearwater Live
Holmes Hooke, Bobby Watt, Oliver Schroer/ Cremation of Sam McGee/ Caught
By the Tale
Arlon Bennett/ Sal/ World of Possibiity
Joel Mabus/ Alligator Ate Her Poodle/ No Worries Now
Ian & Sylvia/ Rocks and Gravel/ Ian & Sylvia
James Gordon/ Coyote's Calling/ Coyote's Calling
Garnet Rogers/ Night Drive/ All That Is
Evalyn Parry/ Open Letter To Igor Kenk, Bicycle Thief/ Spin
Tommy Sands/ Don't Call Me Early in the Morning/ Singing of the Times
Pat Lamanna/ Walkway Over the Hudson/ Do I Know My Song Well Enough To
Sing It
Greg Greenway/ Icarus/ Standing of the Side of Love
Chris Vallillo/ Tequila/ The Last Day of Winter
Holly Near/ Harriet Tubman/ And Still We Sing
Runa/ The Maid That Sold Her Barley/ Somewhere Along the Road
Kim & Reggie Harris/ Roll On, Woody/ Resurrection Day
Annabelle Chvostek/ G20 Song/ Rise
The Flirtations/ The Flirt Song/ Feeding the Flame
Ian & Sylvia/ Un Canadien Errant/ Ian & Sylvia
John Flynn/ Benediction/ Dragon