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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff -WIOX - Jan 23, 2013

Todays's show is a tribute to our Canadian neighbor musicians. Obviously
couldn't fit them all in, but I chose a sampling of those whose work I
really like.  (There are many others, as well!)

Limeliters / Power & Glory/ Until We Get It Right  (not Canadian - this
is my theme song)

Dave Gunning - When the Cold Weather Comes/ No More Pennies
Mike Stevens & Matt Andersen/ Canadian Winter Bus? The Banff Sessions
John Wort Hannam/ Church of the Long Grass/ Dynamite & Dozers
Ian & Sylvia/ You Were On My Mind/ Greatest Hits
Bonnie St. Croix / Harvest/ Canadian Girl
Grit Laskin/ Soft & Round/ A Few Simple Words
Eve Goldberg/ Names / Ever /Brightening Day
Ken Whiteley/ Open Up/ Acoustic Eclectic
James Keelaghan/ McConnville's / House of Cards
Cassie & Maggie MacDonald/ Antigonish Set/ Fresh Heirs
Dan McKinnon/ This Side of the Sod/ Fields of Dreams & Glory
Gordon Lightfoot/ For Lovin' Me/ Gord's Gold
James Gordon / We're the Ninety-Nine/ Coyote's Calling
Rick Fielding/ This One's The Dreamer/ This One's the Dreamer
Stan Rogers/ Barrett's Privateers/ Between the Breaks....Live
Penny Lang/ Simple Simon/ Yes
Maria Dunn Can You Blame the Poor Miner/ We Were Good People
Nancy White/ And I Copied It/ Stickers on Fruit
Crabtree & Mills/ Ballad for Lee/ Freedom
Tanglefoot/ Feu Follet/ Agnes on the Cowcatcher
Heather Bishop/ Ancient Cry/ My Face Is a Map of My Time Here
David Francey/ Pretty Jackals/ Songs from Sing Out Vol 54 #4
Galant, Tu Perds Ton Temps/ Adieu La Lib erte/ Fais Toi Pas D'Illusions
King Biscuit Boy/ Going to the River/ Stony Plain Records 25 Years
Aengus Finnan/ Lost Jimmy Whelan/ North Wind
Arrogant Worms/ The Guy with the Computer Knowledge/ Beige
Enoch Kent/ I Didn't Raise My Son To Be a Soldier/ FAI compilation
Al Parrish/ Twisted/ Propensity for Joy
Suzie Vinnick/ Calling Out Your Name/ Live At Bluesville