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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff -WIOX - Jan 7,2013

Hi All,
Had a wonderful in-studio interview with Emma's Revolution - Pat
Humphries and Sandy Opatow.

Artist/ Song/ CD

Anita Bryant/ Power & Glory/ Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory
Pete Seeger & Lorre Wyatt/ Somos El Barco/ A More Perfect Union
Anne Feeney/ Defenders of Marriage/ Hail to the Thieves Vol 3
Penny Lang/ Ain't Life Sweet/ Ain't Life Sweet
Darryl Purpose/ Ghost of Crazy Horse/ Next Time Around
Eagle McColl/ Henry Martin/ Song of the Seas
Noel Paul Stookey/ In These Times/ One & Many
Cheryl Wheeler/ Where's All the Money/ Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler Live
John McCutcheon/ Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done/ This Land: Woody
Guthrie's America
Tim Grimm/ China/ Wilderness Songs & Bad Man Ballads
The Steel Wheels/ Rain in the Valley/ Lay Down Lay Low

Emma's Revolution
Bound for Freedom - live
Love Is -  live
Jon Fromer/ Gonna Take Us All/ Hail to the Thieves Vol3
Choir - live
Swimming to the Other Side -  live
Stand Together - live
Holly Near & Emma's Revolution / 1000 Grandmothers/ We Came To Sing
Emma's Revolution/ Sun and the Wind/ Singing Clear
Emma's Revolution/ Change/ RPM