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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff -WIOX - 12/12/12

This was my Happy Birthday, Phil show to celebrate his birthday which is
next Wednesday.

America's Children - Power & Glory/ America's Children
KIm & Reggie Harris - Do What I Have To Do/ Resurrection Day
Phil Ochs - The Thresher / All the News That's Fit To Sing
Phil Ochs - Ballad of William Worthy / All the News That's Fit To SIng
Phil Ochs - No Christmas In Kentucky / A Toast To Those Who Are Gone
Pat Humphries - Hands/ What's That I Hear
Mitchell Trio - Draft Dodger Rag/ The Slightly Irreverent Mitchell Trio
Phil Ochs - Talking Cuban Crisis / All the News That's Fit To Sing
Eric Andersen - White Boots Marching in a Yellow Land/ The Street Was
Always There
Joe Jencks - Bracero/ Links In a Chain
Phil Ochs - AMA Song/ A Toast To Those Who Are Gone
Magpie - There But For Fortune / Give Light
Phil Ochs- Paul Krump/ private tape
Phl Ochs- The Ballad of Alferd Packer / Broadside Tapes #1
Disappear Fear - Is There Anybody Here/ Get Your Phil
Phil Ochs - Outside of a Small Circle of Friends/ Pleasures of the Harbor
Phl Ochs - That's What I Want To Hear/ Farewells & Fantasies
Joe & Eddie - What's That I Hear/ Coast To Coast
Pat Wictor - That's the Way It's Gonna Be/ Sunset Waltz
Phil Ochs & Eric Andersen - I Should Have Known Better / Broadside Tapes #1
Phil Ochs - Too Many Martyrs - Private tape (with him saying the chords)
Jim & Jean - Crucifixion / Changes
Phil Ochs - Lou Marsh /  All the News That's Fit To Sing
Phil Ochs - Smash Flops / Private tape from May 8, 1963
Phil Ochs - Kansas City Bomber/ Phil Ochs: American Troubadour
Zach Stevenson - Changes/ While I'm Here
Four Shillings Short - No More Songs/ Secret of the Water
Phil Ochs - I Ain't Marching Anymore/ I Ain't Marching Any