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Playlist - Folk Music & Other Stuff -WIOX - Nov 28, 2012

America's Children - Power & Glory - America's Children
Terri Hendrix - Bottom of a Hill - The Spiritual Kind
Lois Morton - Come To Suburbia - As I See It
Tom Prasada-Rao - Falling Star - Hear You Laughing
Kathy Mattea - Coal Tattoo - Coal
Tom Chapin & John Forster - When Bad Things Happen To Good Mice - Broadsides
Peter Paul & Mary - Don't Laugh At Me - Songs of Conscience & Concern
Greenbriar Boys - Stewball - Troubadours of the Folk Era
Tanglefoot - La V'La M'amie - Music in the Wood
Dave Gunning - When the Cold Weather Comes/ No More Pennies
Tish Hinojosa - Bandera Del Sol - Culture Swing
Ronstadt Generations - For What It's Worth - Prelude
Limeliters - A Place in the Choir - Until We Get It Right
Wishing Chair - Crow - Crow
Jon Vesner - I've Got An App for That - Catz of the Colosseum
Frankie Laine - Riders in the Sky - Wanderlust
Kim & Reggie Harris - Look 'Em in the Eye/ Resurrection Day
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen - The Highwayman - What's That I Hear
The Kingston Trio - The Merry Minuet - Live
Steve Goodman - The Dutchman - City of New Orleans
Tom Corbett - Here Comes the Border - Tonight I Ride
Ranchers for Peace - W.A.B. (Walking Around Black) - Sing Out Magazine
V55 #1
Mavis Staples - Eyes on the Prize - We'll Never Turn Back
The Springfields - Silver Threads & Golden Needles - Troubadours of the
Folk Era
The Steel Wheels - Rain in the Valley - Lay Down Lay Low
The Therapy Sisters - GM - Sound Mind
Leslie Fish - The Gods Aren't Crazy - Avalon Is Risen
Magpie - Pleasure To Know You - In This World