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Playlist Mostly Folk (Sonny) - WIOX Aug. 7, 2012

Artist/ Song/ CD

Phil Ochs/ Power & Glory/ There But For Fortune
Tish Hinojosa/ Bandera del Sol/ Culture Swing
Vance Gilbert/ Taking It All To Tennessee/ Clearwater Live
Steve Goodman/ You Never Even Call Me By My Name/ City of New Orleans
Wishing Chair/ Dishpan Brigade/ Dishpan Brigade
Stan Rogers/ Bluenose/ Turnaround
Ani DiFranco/ Do Re Mi/ Swing Set
Gibson & Camp/ For Lovin' Me/ At the Gate of Horn Revisited
Charlie Murphy/ Burning Times/ Catch the Fire
Butch Thompson/ Papa's on the House/ Vicksburg Blues
Buskin & Batteau/ Words That Bring The Tear/ Love Remembered Love Forgot
Tanglefoot/ The Floating Bridge of Ennismore/ Full Throated Abandon
Zach Stevenson/ Goodbye (Rusty Old Slide)/ While I"m Here
Tom Chapin & John Forster/ Eco Man/ Broadsides
Jack Hardy/ Porto Limon/ The Coop - 1st Anniversary
Dan Fogelberg/ Leader of the Band/ The Innocent Age
Geoff Bartley/ I've Endured/ Mercy for the Dispossessed
Susan Werner/ Doctor Doctor/ Kicking the Beehive
Twangtown Paramours/ Widow of the Mountain/ The Promise of Friday Night
Tom Paxton/ Where I'm Bound/ Best of Tom Paxton
Tom Lehrer/ I Hold You Hand In Mine/ Songs & More Songs by Tom Lehrer
Stive Gillette & Cindy Mangsen/ Song For Gamble/ The Light of the Day
Eric Frandsen/ The Viking Rag/ Fast Folk Musical Magazine May '85
Kim & Reggie Harris/ What's That I Hear/ Let My People Go
Phil Ochs/ Ballad of William Worthy/ All the News That's Fit To Sing
Terrence Martin/ Hank Williams/ Lost Hills
Rick Fielding/ When We Gather Once More/ This One's the Dreamer