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Playlist - WIOX (Sonny) - July 6, 2012

Artist/ Song/ CD

Fill-in show for Artie.    An all Canadian show (except theme song)

Holly Near & Ronni Gilbert / Power & Glory/ And Still We Sing
Al Parrish/ Twisted/ Propensity for Joy
Nancy White/ Moose on the Highway/ Gaelic Envy
Le Vent du Nord/ Le Vieux Cheval/ Dans Les Airs
Aengus Finnan/ Lost Jimmy Whelan/ North Wind
James Gordon Another Big Box Store/ These Times
Penny Lang/ Laundromat Song/ Ain't Life Sweet
Rick Fielding/ Deep Fork/ This One's the Dreamer
Bonnie St. Croix/ Harvest/ Canadian Girl
Once/ A Round Again/ Row Upon Row
Gordon Lightfoot/ Canadian Railroad Trilogy/
Grit Laskin/ Margins of My Neighborhood/ A Few Simple Words
Kate & Anna McGarrigle/ Heart Like  a Wheel/ Troubadours of Folk Vol 4
Garnet Rogers/ Under the Summer Moon/ All That Is
Nathan Rogers/ Better Than Me/ The Gauntlet
Stan Rogers/ Mary Ellen Carter/ Very Best of Stan Rogers
Brian Vardigans/ Springhill/ Springhill
Heather Bishop/ Hallelujah/ My Face Is a Map of My Time Here
Dan McKinnon/ This Side of the Sod/ Fields of Dreams & Glory
Tanglefoot/ Loup Garou/ The Music in the Wood
Ian & Sylvia/ Circle Game/ Greatest Hits
Ken Whiteley/ Open Up/ Acoustic Eclectic
Maria Dunn/ Can You Blame the Poor Miner/ We Were Good People
David Francey/ Paper Boy/ Far End of Summer
Eve Goldberg/ Le Me Rise/ A Kinder Season
Jame Keelaghan/ Safe Home/ House of Cards