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Playlist - Say It Now - SiriusXM - June 28, 2012
Artist/ Song/ CD

1. Phil Ochs / I'm Going To Say It Now/ In Concert
2. Jack Hardy/ Ask Questions/ Songs from Sing Out Vol 54 #4
3. Pat Humphries/ Common Thread/ Same Rain
4. Ben Bedford/ Mother Jones on the Line/ Land of the Shadows
5. Cheryl Wheeler/ If It Were Up To Me/ Sylvia Hotel
6. The Paul McKenna Band/ Silent Majority/ Stem the Tide
7. Rebel Voices/ The Principal/ Warning Women At Work
8. Phil Ochs/ That's What I Want To Hear/ Farewells and Fantasies
9. Cosy Sheridan/ Higher Financial Reform/ The Horse King
10. Evalyn Parry/ Bottle This/ Small Theatres
11. Tim Grimm/ Rumblin' in the Land/ Thank You Tom Paxton
12. Terri Hendrix/ Judgment Day/ Art of Removing Wallpaper
13. Jack Williams/ O Chain Lightnin'/ The High Road Home
14. Joel Raphael/ This Is My Country/ Thirteen Stories High
15. Nina Simone/ Mississippi Goddam/ Best of Broadside
16. Patrick Sky/ Causes/ The Broadside Singers
17. Joan Baez/ There But For Fortune/ Bread & Roses Festival