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Playlist - WIOX - Mostly Folk - April 4, 2012

Today was a show which was a tribute to many of our heroes and sheroes
who are no longer here.   I had a hard time doing this show when I
realized how many of these people I knew personally.

Theme song - Power & Glory/ Magpie / What's That I Hear
Phil Ochs/ A Toast To Those Who Are Gone/ Toast To Those Who Are Gone
Rick Fielding / This One's the Dreamer/ This One's the Dreamer
Laura Nyro/ And When I Die/ The First Songs
Dave Van Ronk/ Cocaine Blues/ Troubadours of Folk Era
John Stewart/ New Orleans/ The Day the River Sang
Malvina Reynolds/ Little Boxes/ Best of Broadside 1962-1968
Bob Gibson/ Let the Band Play Dixie/ The Living Legend Years
Harry Chapin/ Cat's in the Cradle/ Greatest Stories Live
Lowen & Navarro/ Learning to Fall/ Learning To Fall
Dan Fogelberg/ Leader of the Band/ The Innocent Age
Eva Cassidy/ Fields of Gold/ Songbird
Kingston Trio/ Merry Minuet/ Live at Santa Monica Civic Center
Utah Phillips/ Michael/ I've Got To Know
Rachel Bissex/ Here Now/ In White Light
Stan Rogers/ Barrett's Privateers/ Fogarty's Cove
Jack Hardy Ask Questions/ Sing Out Vol 54 #4
Elvis Presley/ Trying To Get To You/ Aloha Fron Hawaii
Terence Martin/ The Last Black & White TV/ The Last Black & White TV
John Hartford/ Watchin' the River Go By/ Philly Folk Fest 40th Anniv.
Mindy Jostyn/ Other Guys Girls/ Cedar Lane
Jim Croce/ Time in a Bottle/ Greatest Love Songs
Steve Goodman/ City of New Orleans/ City of New Orleans
Tim Hardin / Reason To Believe/ Troubadours of Folk Era
Odetta/ John Henry / Troubadours of Folk Era
Sonny & Brownie/ Walk On/ ?