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Playlist - WIOX - Mostly Folk - March 12, 2012

Here's my tribute to women for Women's History Month.  All songs are by
or about women.

Artist/ Song/ CD or LP
Magpie/ Power&  Glory/ What's That I Hear (Theme Song)
Bev Grant/ We Were There/ We Were There
Nancy Tucker/ Daughters of Feminists/ The Longing
Lara Herscovitch/ You Are Beautiful/ Four Wise Monkeys
Peggy Seeger/ Gonna Be An Engineer/ Best of Broadside 1962-88
Tanglefoot/ Secord's Warning/ Music in the Wood
Malvina Reynolds/ We Don't Need the Men/ Held Over
Rachel Bissex/ In the Magazines/ I Used To Be Nice
Herdman, Hills&  Mangsen/ Frozen Logger-Proper Cup of Coffee/ Voices of
Faith Petric/ Geritol Gypsy/ Faith's Favorites
Kate Dunbar/ Women Be Wise/ Women 'n Blues
Fred Small/ Annie/ Heart of the Appaloosa
Penny Lang/ Family Reunion/ Ain't Life Sweet
Phil Ochs/ Kansas City Bomber/ Phil Ochs American Troubadour
Patty Larkin/ I'm White/ Live in the Square
Jim&  Jean/ Flower Lady/ Changes
Janis Ian/ Boots Like Emmy Lou/ God and the FBI
Mike Cross/ Elma Turl/ Best of the Funny Stuff
Kim&  Reggie Harris/ Ain't I a Woman/ Steal Away
Amy Carol Webb&  the Bukstels/ Daddy's Little Girl/ Born To Sing
Eric Schwartz/ Hattie&  Mattie/ That's How It's Gonna Be
Terri Hendrix/ If I Had a Daughter/ The Spiritual Kind
David Roth/ Waltzing Imelda/ Another Side of David Roth
John Flynn/ Angel Dawson/ Dragon
Susan Werner/ Irrelevance/ Kicking the Beehive
Amy Carol Webb/ I Come From Women/ These Are My Own