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Playlist - WIOX - Mostly Folk - March 7, 2012

Artist/ Song/ CD
Magpie / Power & Glory/ What's That I Hear
All She Wrote / The Kid/ Triple Play
Gina Forsyth/ Sweet & Sunny South/ Promised Land
Eliza Gilkyson/ Hiway 9/ Land of Milk & Honey
Magpie & Kim & Reggie Harris/ You Were Right/ Spoken In Love
Anne Hills & David Roth/ Everything That Happens Makes Me Stronger/ Rhubarb Trees
Evans & Dougherty/ The Silly Slang Song/ The World Is What You Make It
Penny Lang/ Frankie& Johnny/ Penny Lang and Friends Live
John Flynn/ Democracy (the Weed)/ The End of the Beginning
Pat Humphries/ Jamie/ Same Rain
Charlie King/ Kugelsburg Bank/ Vaguely Reminiscent of the 60's
Judy Gorman/ Coming Into My Years/ Women
Aztec Two Step/ What Would the Indians Say/ Cause & Effect
John Gorka/ People My Age/ The Company You Keep
Suzie Vinnick/ Queen Bee/ Me 'n Mabel
Si Kahn/ The Senator/ In My Heart: a Retrospective
Rachel Bissex/ Oh, Jackson/ Between the Broken Lines
Faith Petric/ Rock Me To Sleep/ Faith's Favorites
The Refugees/ Chain Stores, Malls & Restaurants/ Three
Rod MacDonald/ Unearthly Fire/ No Commercial Traffic
Jennings & Keller/ Smart Blonde/ Susan's House
Ellen Bukstel/ Hey, Mr. Politician/ Daddy's Little Girl
Enoch Kent/ I Didn't Raise My Son To Be a Soldiers/ Folk Alliance compilation
Honor Finnegan/ Internet Junkie/ The Tiny Life
Harry Belafonte/ Man Smart, Woman Smarter/ Calypso
Don McLean/ Vincent/ Troubadours of Folk Era Vol. 4
James Keelaghan/ McConnville's/ House of Cards
Eric Andersen/ The Bumblebee/ Best of Eric Andersen
George Winston/ Variations on the Kanon/ December