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Song Night

Song Night







Artist/ Song/ CD
Limeliters/ Power & Glory/Until We Get It Right
John McCutcheon/ Pastures of Plenty/ This Land Woody Guthrie's America
Greg Greenway/ Icarus/ Standing on the Side of Love
Al Parrish/ The Day the Bass Players Took Over the World/ Propensity for Joy
Rachel Bissex/ Letter To Martin/ Light In Dark Places
David Roth/ Rosa & the 3 K's/ Think Twice
All She Wrote/ Polly Von/ Triple Play
The Mrs. Ackroyd Band/ Will the Turtle Be Unbroken/ Tubular Dogs
Emma's Revolution/ Women Say No/ Revolutions Per Minute
Lois Morton/ Come To Suburbia/ As I See It
Le Vent du Nord/ La Fille & Les Dragons/ Dans Les Air
Christine Lavin/ Wind Chimes/ Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best
Mike Cross/ The Scotsman/ Best of the Funny Stuff

The second half of the show was an in-studio concert/interview by Magpie
who sang the following songs:
Evening in Caroline
Detour Ahead
Go to the Water
Princess and the Frog
Down in the Cave
Water Is Life
Tom Paine's Blues
Long Kesh
Love Me, I'm a Liberal
Follow the Money