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Mostly Folk

Hi All,
Did my first show on WIOX.  Wow!  I learned how to use a thumb drive.  It
was so easy!  Coincidentally, the show I'm sharing is called Mostly
Folk.  Can't seem to get away from that name.  Oh, well - it's a good one!

Artist/ Song/ CD
Limeliters - Power and Glory/ Until We Get It Right  (My new theme song)
Terri Hendrix - Wind Me Up/ Terri Hendrix Live
Emma's Revolution - Swimming to the Other Side/ Roots, Rock&  Revolution
Tom Chapin - Flowers Are Red/ Join the Jubilee
Holly Near - I Ain't Afraid/ Edge
Greg Greenway - Standing on the Side of Love/ Standing on the Side of Love
Pat Wictor - Don't Dig My Grave Too Deep/ Waiting for the Water
Border Blasters - In the Next Life/ Songs from SWRFA
C. Daniel Boling - I'd Rather Elect Tina Fey/ Songs from SWRFA
2 Bit Palomino - Only Daughter/ 2 Bit Palomino
Rod MacDonald - For the People/ After the War
John Flynn - Trust the Rope/ Two Wolves
Tanglefoot - Secord's Warning/ Music in the Wood
Rebel Voices - Borderlines/ Piece of the Wall
Joe Jencks - St. Christopher/ What Kind of Brother
Art Thieme - The Great Turtle Drive/ Outright Bold-Faced Lies
Sharon Katz&  the Peace Train - Jikela Maweni/ Crystal Journey
Peter Paul&  Mary - There But For Fortune
Bev Grant - We Were There/ We Were There
Kim&  Reggie Harris - Let Us Break Bread Together/ Steal Away
Penny Lang - Firewater/ Ain't Life Sweet
Magpie - We Belong to the Earth/ In This World
Christine Lavin - Tacobel Canon/ The Runaway Christmas Tree
Stan Rogers - Mary Ellen Carter/ Between the Breaks
Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves/ Songbird
Margret Roadknight - Amazing Grace/ Women 'n Blues