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  Date:    Tue, 6 Sep 2011 12:41:45 -0400
From:    Sonny Ochs<sonny.ochs@GMAIL.COM>
Subject: Playlist - 9/4/11 -Mostly Folk  - Final Show

Hi All,
This is the playlist for my final show at WRPI.   I have been there for
18 years and have decided to retire now that I'm 74.  The more than an
hour drive each way was the main factor in my decision.
I will be doing other radio activities so you will see a playlist from
me from time to time.  I plan to stay on the folkdj list so I can follow
what's happening.
My final show covers labor, 9/11 and Phil.

Bev Grant/ We Were There/ We Were There
Holly Near&  Ronnie Gilbert/ Pastures of Plenty/ Lifeline Extended
Si Kahn/ Aragon Mill/ a Retrospective
Rebel Voices/ They All Sang Bread and Roses/ a piece of the wall
Stu Cohen/Allende's final speech/ Chile Vencera
Quilapayun/ El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido
Jack Hardy/ On a Clear Day/ Vigil
Emma's Revolution/ If I Give Your Name/ One
Christine Lavin/ Firehouse/ Vigil
David Francey/ Grim Cathedral/ Skating Rink
Peter Paul&  Mary/ There But For Fortune/ Songs of Conscience&  Concern

a small break to lighten up the mood
Limeliters/ Generic Up-Tempo Folk Song/ Until We Get It Right
Eric Shwartz/ Hattie and Mattie/ That's How It's Gonna Be

A Phil Ochs Song Night on cd
disappear fear/ Is There Anybody Here/ Get Your Phil
Pat Wictor/ That's the Way It's Gonna Be/ Sunset Waltz
Joe Jencks/ Bracero/ Links In a Chain
John Flynn/ Pleasures of the Harbor/ Two Wolves
Magpie/ One More Parade/ Raise Your Voice
Pat Humphries/ Hands/ Hands
David Buskin/ Boy In Ohio/ What's That I Hear
Kim&  Reggie Harris/ What's That I Hear/ Let My People Go
Greg Greenway/ No More Songs/ Weightless
Arlo Guthrie/ I Ain't Marchin' Anymore/ What's That I Hear
Phil Ochs/ I'm Gonna Say It Now/ In Concert
Phil Ochs/ Changes/ In Concert
Phil Ochs/ When I'm Gone/ In Concert