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Mostly Folk


Nitty Gritty Dirt Band/ Mr. Bojangles/ Singer Songwriters of the 70's
Rod MacDonald/ Stop the War/ After the War
Penelope Swales/ Guenevuere & the Fire/ Justifying Your Longings....
Tom Chapin & John Forster/ The Chief Executive Chain Gang/ Broadsides
John Flynn/ Trust the Rope/ Two Wolves
Holly Near/ I Am Willing/ Show Up
Stan Rogers/ Northwest Passage/ Very Best of Stan Rogers
John Gorka/ Bracero/ What's That I Hear
Buskin & Batteau/ Don't Ask Don't Tell/ Fox Run Studio demo
Pete Coe/ Kings & Queens of England/ Long Company
Burning Bridget Cleary/ The Blacksmith/ Totes For Goats
Lydia Adams Davis/ Spring Always Takes You By Surprise/ Take Me Back
Tim Grimm./ So It Goes/ Farm Songs
Chandler Travis/ My Bonnie/ After She Left
Jimmy Cliff/ The Harder They Come/ The Harder They Come
Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers/ Rolling Home/ Off the Map
Tom Rush/ All a Man Can Do/ What I Know
Brother Sun/ Well Well Well/ demo
David Ferrard/ Hills of Virginia/ Broken Sky
Dala/ Levi Blues/ Everyone Is Someone
Matt & Marshall Jones/ When I Was Young/ Long Walk to Freedom Reunion
M&M Jones with Magpie & Kim & Reggie Harris/ What's That I Hear    
"           "
Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger/ The Farmer Is the Man/ Fly Down Little Bird
Mark Dvorak/ The Middle Years/ Time Ain't Got Nothin' On Me
Karen Savoca/ Crosses/ Promise
Joe Crookston/ A Friend Like You/ Darkling & the Bluebird Jubilee
Tom Lehrer/ Oedipus Rex/ Songs & More Songs of Tom Lehrer
Mad Agnes/ Mother's Plaint/ Hush
Fred Small/ The Great Green Earth/ Only Love
Charlie KIng & Karen Brandow/ Genetically Modified Doxology/ The
Distance Remaining
Billy Jones/ This We Know/ Get Real
Harry Manx/ Taking It to the Streets/ Jubilee
Kristen Lems/ Days of the Theocracy/ In the Out Door
Les Barker/ The Phoenix/ Up the Creek Without a Poodle
Terri Hendrix/ Wind Me Up/ Terri Hendrix Live
Gary Kanter/ Tea Chantey/ Goodbye, Dr. Laura
Penny Lang/ Love Roll Round/ Somebody Else
The Simon Sisters/ Winken, Blinken & Nod/ Troubadours of Folk Era Vol. 2
Tim Hardin / Reason To Believe/                      
"                        "         "
Phil Ochs/ There But For Fortune/                      
"                       "          "
Zoe Lewis/ When the Developers Came To Tea/ Fishbone Wishbone Funnybone
Bob Gibson & Bob Camp/ Well Well Well/ Troubadours of Folk Era  Vol 1
Steve Goodman/ City of New Orleans/ Singer-Songwriters of the 70's
The Limeliters/ Generic Up-Tempo Folk Song/ Until We Get It Right
The Limeliters/ Power & Glory/ Until We Get It Right