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Mostly Folk

Artist/Song/LP or CD

Cadence Carroll/ Kpalago/Evolve
Toby Walker/ Hey Good Lookin'/ Hand Picked
Wishing Chair/ 99/ Ghost of Will Harbut
Richard Berman/ The Kids Are Back/ Love Work & Play
Bob Blue/ Their Way/ Erica Levine & Friends
Sammy Walker/ Ballad of Ira Hayes/ In Concert
Artisan/ Unnecessary Toil/ Breathing Space
Christine Lavin/ Cold Pizza For Breakfast/ The Bellevue Years
Dala/ Horses/ Everyone Is Someone
Patty Larkin/ Metal Drums/ Live in the Square
Michael Jerling/ How Can People Live Like That/ In Another Life
Anais Mitchell/ Mockingbird/ Hymns for the Exiled
Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie/ Callin' Folks Names/ Spoken In Love
Kate Wolf/ Safe At Harbor/ Safe At Harbor
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer/ Tillman Co/ Drum Hat Buddha
Steve Goodman/ You Never Even Call Me By My Name/ City of New Orleans
Stan Rogers/ Mary Ellen Carter/ Between the Breaks

In Studio Interview - Cheryl Prashker
  When I Go/ Pat Wictor/ It's All About the Drums
  Colcannon/ Full Frontal Folk/  "   "                  "
  Runa/ Bedlam Boys/ Jealousy
  Also, a solo drum performance

Eileen Ivers/ Scatter the Mud/ Wild Blue
Phil Ochs/ Hazard Kentucky/ On My Way (new release of tape from 1963)
John Gorka/ Ignorance & Privilege/ So Dark You See
Dan Bern/ Too Late To Die Young/ Live in Los Angeles
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen/ The Highwayman/ What's That I Hear
Scott Alarik/ Carolyna Moon/ All That Is True
Carolyn Aiken/ Tower of Babel/ Unshaken
Anne Hills/ Iron Lady/ What's That I Hear
Vance Gilbert/ Goodbye Pluto/ Up On Rockfield
Ronny Cox/ Frisco Depot/ How I Love Them Old Songs
The Kennedys/ Happytown/ Songs of the Open Road
Chris Pahud/ Deeper Well/ Red Sky In Morning
Ellen Bukstel & Nick Annis/ By My Silence/ single
David Celia/ I'm Not Texan/ I Tried
Marc Black/ I Love You Rachel Maddow/ Pictures of the Highway
John Flynn/ Benediction/ Dragon