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Song Night







Mostly Folk

It was quite a night - ticket giveaways for Clearwater Festival, Live in
studio artist, and equipment nightmare - at one point 2 out of 3 cd
players not working.  Meltdown time!!!
Somehow I made it through 3 hours.  The solution I came up with was to
play songs from compilation cds.  That way I could do up to 5 songs from
one cd.  Finally managed to fix one of the broken cds so I could
alternate.  Not my idea of a good time.  And this is at an engineering
school (RPI).  Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Artist/Song/ Cd (and one LP)
Greg Greenway/ Tape From California/ What's That I Hear - Songs of Phil Ochs
Naming the Twins/ Catch Your Breath/ Sweet Transitions
Lynn Miles/ Slunset Blvd./ Night In a Strange Town
Sally Slpring/ Boys In the Cornfield/ Made of Stars
Cloudstreet/ Down In the Goldmine/ The Circus of Desires

5 from the new Sing Out! cd
Carolina Chocolate Drops/ Cornbread & Butterbeans/ Now We Are 60
Zoe Mulford/ The Ace of Spades
Eric Bibb/ Floodwater
Hot Club of Cowtown/ One Step Closer
Afgan Children's Chorus/ Ghee Ghee Don

David Bromberg/ Sharon/ Best of David Bromberg
Margret Roadknight/ Amazing Grace/ Women In Blues
Wendy Saddington/ Down So Long      "         "      "
Kate Dunbar/ Women Be Wise            "         "      "

Live Interview in Studio - Thomasina Winslow
Moon In the Blues
 Moon's Goin' Down
Shake 'Em On Down
Git-Pickin' Patty

Miriam Makeba/ The Click Song/  SA Souvenirs
Ladysmith Black Mambazo/ Leilungelo Elakho/ SA Souvenirs
Teal Records Choir/ Nkosi Sikelel IAfrika/  SA Souvenirs
Sarah Lee Gluthrie & Johnny Irion/ Folksong/ Folksong
Lucy Kaplansky/ Life Threads/ single
Jay Ungar & Molly Mason/ The Mountain House/ Catskill Collection
Kim & Reggie Harris/ Wade in the Water/ Steal Away
James Keelaghan/ House of Cards/ House of Cards
Sally Rogers & Howie Bursen/ Names/ When Howie Met Sally
Billy Jonas/ This We Know/ Get Real
Joni Mitchell/ The Circle Game/ Amchitka
Danny Schmidt/ Tales of Sweet Odysseus/ Little Grey Sheep
Terri Hendrix/ You Belong In New Orleans/ Cry Till You Laugh
Marc Black/ Ooh, I Love My Coffee/ Pictures of the Highway
John Wort Hannam/ Church of the Long Grass/ Grand Hotel
Si Kahn/ On This Old Farm/ Courage
David Celia/ I'm Not Texan/ I Tried